Friday, January 21, 2011

ShukraGuzaar hun main USKA

AAJ fir kuchh yaad aaya aaj fir kuchh likhne ki tammana ki

Aaj mera ek month hone waala hai US mein . To be frank i feel blessed that i got the opportunity to experience this environment at such an early stage even before completing my undergraduate , few get this kind of an opportunity and few get to see all this . We are so busy in our day today work that we forget to thank GOD for what he has made us or rather helped us in making ourselves that we are in such a position . Really today i wanted to thank GOD for all He has given me whether it be stamina, will power , resilience ,and all the loads of opportunities till now because I know the kind of condition i was in, 10 years back , no one could have ever thought, except me and my parents though, that i could some day reach here .

People say one should not remember his/her bad days and should move on in life but frankly speaking i have lived on till now only keeping hold of those dreadful memories . They have always helped me realize that “if i can live those days i can come over any damn thing “

I thought i would never share these things but that i am no more in college and am sure that there is no chance of being subject to that disgraceful “pity” that i hated ...i think i can carry on .....Sorry Guys i am not that good with emotions....never got a chance to .....

There’s one thing i hate and thats “helpnessness” , helplessness to do my part ,when i want to do something but my health doesn’t allow, this is the worst feeling i can ever have in life. AND I HAD IT AGAIN .........

I went to class today though i was not in a position to but still i wanted to go to a class that most people try to avoid lol.... My main aim was just to get accustomed to lectures in the first two hours and then be prepared for the lecture i love but Life has its own ways . I did all the lectures except the one i wanted to do . i know you might be thinking “why is this guy getting emotional over just one lecture when he claims that he is not at all emotional” .

Its Not about one lecture guys , lecture was just an example to cite ,

My main aim was to convey to u all that Thank GOD if u have sound health , because you don’t realise but He has Given u ALL . Its now upon u how to make it ...

I have had over 52000 medicines in 10 years and only i know how !!!!!!

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