Tuesday, June 1, 2010


What does 15th August or a 26th January mean to an average Indian today?
Its easy , its just another holiday, a day when one can be free from the hassles of the day today scenario.
i will just share a joke with u:
" once an Indian went to Japan with his family . He booked a room in a 5-star and then ordered for a limo to take a drive around the city. As soon as he reached his room everyone ordered for tea , the service was quite late . The Indian went to the reception in fury and shouted at the receptionist . She politely apologized for the delay and the service was done within next 2 min . Incidents like these happened quite often during his trip .
While leaving the Indian asked the receptionist " from where did you learn to be so patient and polite . Is it becoz of the nature of ur job?"
The answer came " I learnt it from a land known INDIA , were are u from sir?"

What i wanted here to show is that though the entire world is accepting our values we ourselves are forgetting it . The reverence towards our culture , our values which were our integral part and what made everyone one of us different from others are now evaporating slowly in thin air.
Just ask urself "Am i proud to be an Indian" and also depending on ur answer enlist some reasons for it .
i am sure that for a negative reply u will get too many reasons but not that many for the positive one . Do u you know the reason why? It is because that is what u see around in news channels , that is what we hear from others , from our parents , from our colleagues, and u know what "that" is ................... its sheer criticism , complaints etc etc.....

I still remember NEWS once used to be informative , we used to learn from news , things going around , things happenings worldwide But now NEWS has a new face its "Entertainment", people now like to hear "masala" .News is getting into people's personal lives and what else can entertain an average Indian than people's personal lives.I still can't remember a day when i heard some good news , something that made me proud of my country except when the indian cricket team wins a match or a series . We dont really understand that there is more to India than just cricket . y is not any other sport not even our national sport given as much importance as cricket . The reason is simple we have commercialized every sector be it education , be it NEWS.
Everyone's talking about India's economic growth nowadays. i feel that the Indian govt has found a new alias for growth and thats economy. where is OUR growth being considered . are "WE" being educated , are "WE" being nurtured .........................
if i ask this question to the govt the reply comes " yes we have formed new IITs and IIMs . what else do u want from us?"
Do we ever realize that these are the institutions of higher education , the % of people getting basic and primary education is still the same . Y are we not working on basic education . Dont u think the amount of money the govt spends in the formation of any one of these institutes could provide basic education to thousands........ I am not saying that the formation of these institutes is wrong or should not be done but these are not the basic concerns of our country .
Basic education is the major concern , our ever growing population is the major concern . China has taken steps to check its population growth and sooner or later we will be overpowering China in this field. why are we not learning from them ??? why not emphasize on the basics first.............
We cant only blame the govt "WE" Choose it . How many of u vote or have voter id . i dont have one and i am ashamed of myself . i have applied for it and will get it soon.
Do u realise that more than 50% of the voters in India are those who don't even have the basic knowledge about politics , who are being driven by some reason to vote for a particular party .

"DEMOCRACY" our greatest strength has beome our greatest weakness.
The preamble to our constitution starts like "WE , THE PEOPLE OF INDIA........."
I would like to end this with a question "Are we still "WE"?

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